Musician Audition

Hillside is now accepting video auditions from those interested in serving as a musician! All potential volunteers should take a few minutes to look through the requirements below. Please note that if you’d like to sing in addition to playing an instrument, you’ll need to submit a separate audition for each.

Step 1 - Preparing For Your Audition

We’ve put together a folder full of all the stuff you’ll need to audition – download it HERE.
If you want to audition for more than one instrument (or instrument and vocals), please submit a separate audition for each.

Guitar, Bass, and Drums Auditions

"Great King of Glory" by Hillside Worship

Keys Audition

"Hallelujah Sing" by Hillside Worship

Step 2 - Create and Upload Your Video

If you haven't already, please download the Hillside Worship Auditions folder.
It contains step-by-step instructions which will walk you through how to create and submit your audition video.

Step 3 - Submit Your Audition

Fill out and submit the form . Tell us a bit about yourself and provide the link to your audition video.

Worship Volunteer Application Entry