Students Parent Page


Welcome to Hillside Students! Please know that our team is praying for you as you raise your teenager and provide the spiritual foundation they need. We hope that we can answer any questions you may have about our student ministry and how your child can be involved here. Our staff is committed to providing safe environments that encourage our students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our student team staff members, listed below, and we'll be glad to talk to you.

Our Goals

Barna Research Group says that over 65% of spiritual decisions to accept Christ happen before the age of 18. Statistics also point out that a majority of college-bound teens that grew up in a church, walk away from their faith in their first year away from home. We want to help students make a commitment to be a Christ-follower, grow in that relationship, and continue to walk with the Lord throughout their lifetime.

However, our influence is limited. Believe it or not, students say that the number one influence in their lives is a parent. We believe that combining the influence of the home with the influence of the church provides the most effective atmosphere for a child to build a strong spiritual foundation. Our staff wants to partner with you to help your child grow in their spiritual journey. Let’s work together to raise up a generation of students who love God and are leading others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!


Why does a student need a worship time other than the weekends?

We encourage every student that attends large group worship time with students to ALSO attend weekend services at their campus. We believe that when students come together and are taught the Word together that important, godly relationships are solidified that help encourage each other when they face tough days away from church. We also believe that smaller groups of community with other students can provide the support and understanding that students need from each other to mature in their faith. We also believe that attending worship with parents, family, and the at-large Hillside community is of equal importance. You will never hear us encourage kids to only attend student worship.

What curriculum do you teach?

For Sunday morning groups, we teach biblically grounded lessons that give an overview of the entire Bible. At Hillside Students, our student team creates message series based around the following principles; healthy relationships, authentic faith, spiritual disciplines, moral boundaries, ultimate authority, wise choices, and serving others. If you'd like to receive our weekly emails that give you a recap of the messages and follow-up questions to dialogue with your student, please contact a student team leader at your campus.

Who volunteers in the student area?

We think we have the best leaders in the church in student ministry! Our leaders love God, love students, and have a deep desire to see them grow in their faith and be included in the Student community at Hillside. Every volunteer in the student area must complete a background check and interview with the student team before they may serve in this ministry.

Why do you use social media for announcements?

Social media’s reach has grown rapidly in the past few years and doesn’t seem to be going away. Although the media vehicle may change with time (Facebook vs. Instagram and Twitter…ect.) the fact is social media, in some form, is here to stay. We understand a parent has the ultimate authority concerning the scope of a student’s use of social media. If your family has chosen to limit access to social media for your student, we also provide communication through our website, platform announcements at our large and small group gatherings, and emails through the parent page.

Can I serve in student ministry?

Absolutely! We love having parents involved in our student ministry. Please contact us about serving on any team at Hillside. We would love for you to consider joining the Student Team!