At some point, we all have wanted to live a life of purpose and connection. But many of us struggle with how to accomplish this. It’s not because we don’t care. Often, we just don’t have a plan of how to get started or stay on track.

So instead…we drift.

ROOTED is an experience. It’s a tool to help us CONNECT WITH GOD, THE CHURCH, AND OUR PURPOSE. Again or for the very first time. ROOTED is a chance to practice what is essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus and others. It’s fundamental practices that are personalized and then experienced in biblical community.

So whether you’ve been practicing your faith for a long time and simply want to keep growing, or you’re starting out and have questions you’ve hesitated to ask…

ROOTED is a great place to begin.


10 weeks
Groups of 12 - 20 people meet once a week, for just 10 weeks to talk about insights and questions prompted by the material.


Daily Reading and Reflection
Each week guides you through 5 days of reading and reflection. Jump in and come each day expecting to learn more about yourself and God.


Prayer, Serve, and Celebration Experiences
During the 10 weeks ROOTED groups will take time to pray, serve, and celebrate together.

ROOTED begins Sunday, September 16, 2018

Online Registration for ROOTED is closed at this time. Limited spots are still available at some Campus locations. Contact the staff member from your campus listed below for more information.

Amarillo North Grand Campus - Juan Maldonado | 806.467.6956
Amarillo Northwest Campus - Chris Condit | 806.467.4902
Amarillo South Campus - Craig Albracht | 806.457.7403
Amarillo West Campus - Greg Corona | 806.457.4917
Big Spring Campus - Tim Dunn | 432.315.3040
Canyon Campus - Blake Moore | 806.655.2110
Clovis Campus - Kevin Tuttle | 575.935.8463
Dalhart Campus - Robert Ledbetter | 806.249.1417
Levelland Campus - Ronnie Cherry | 806.515.7920
Lubbock Campus - Curtis Thomas | 806.698.8000

If you were unable to do ROOTED this fall, new ROOTED groups will also be launching in the spring of 2019.  


Frequently Asked Questions about ROOTED

When is it? ▼
For the fall of 2018, ROOTED starts on Sunday, September 16, and ends on Sunday, November 18. We will also launch a second round of ROOTED in the spring of 2019.


How does it work? ▼
ROOTED is done in small groups. Most groups will have 12 to 20 participants. Groups meet once a week for 10 weeks. Groups will meet on various nights depending on your Campus. When you register, you will be able to note the day(s) of the week you are available.


How much time does it take? ▼
ROOTED has readings with thought-provoking questions for 5 days out of the week. You can plan to spend 30 minutes a day doing these readings. Additionally, groups meet once a week for two hours.


What if I can’t attend every week? ▼
We realize that ROOTED is a substantial time commitment, but we believe it is worth it. Due to this belief, if you know you are going to miss more than 4 of the meetings, we ask that you wait to register for ROOTED until a more favorable time. This is an experience that builds each week, and we ask that every participant is committed to honoring each other with dedicated participation.


How will ROOTED Groups be chosen? ▼
Our ROOTED Team will prayerfully place people into a group at their home Campus. If you have a request to be with a certain person or a whole group of people (also see next question), please let us know upon registration.


What if I am already in a Hillside Group? ▼
Great! Your whole group can go through Rooted together! However, if members of your group have already done ROOTED or just choose to not do it at this time, we will be happy to place you individually in a ROOTED group. During registration, you will be able to note if you are part of a group who wants to go through ROOTED together, or if you are registering individually.


Does it cost anything? ▼
Hillside believes ROOTED can be a life-changing experience and we want everyone to be able to go through it. So the church is covering the cost of ROOTED for every participant!


When do we get our ROOTED books? ▼
Books will be passed out at the Launch Party on September 16.


Is childcare available during ROOTED? ▼
Childcare for children ages birth – 5th grade is available on certain days of the week. If you need childcare, please note that on your registration and we will work with you to place you in a group that meets during a time it is provided.


I saw ROOTED Central at my Campus. What is it? ▼
ROOTED Central is located in or near your main Campus Lobby. You can go there to register for ROOTED on an iPad or laptop or talk to someone if you have questions.


Who can I contact if I have questions about ROOTED?

Amarillo North Grand Campus - Juan Maldonado
Amarillo Northwest Campus - Chris Condit
Amarillo South Campus - Craig Albracht
Amarillo West Campus - Greg Corona
Big Spring Campus - Tim Dunn
Canyon Campus - Blake Moore
Clovis Campus - Kevin Tuttle
Dalhart Campus - Robert Ledbetter
Levelland Campus - Ronnie Cherry
Lubbock Campus - Curtis Thomas