Lubbock Groups

Welcome to Hillside Groups at the Lubbock Campus! As our church grows larger, the best way to be a part of a biblical community that’s personal and effective is through GROUPS. We invite you to join a GROUP at the Lubbock Campus. Whether it meets as a Study Group during the week or casually in someone’s home, a GROUP is the best way to experience personal spiritual growth, and feel connected to other people. Each Hillside campus has a unique approach to GROUPS. To find out more about joining a GROUP, contact Curtis Thomas at 806.457.7473 or fill out a request form by clicking here.


We want to help you join a group by inviting you to Group Connect. At Group Connect, we create comfortable, casual social setting where you develop friendships, gain knowledge of biblical community, and are equipped with skills on how to do life with others.

If you have any questions, contact Curtis Thomas at 806.457.7473 or


Hillside Bible Studies help you understand the Bible and its principles. They also provide an opportunity for you to find community with other people. Why not give a study a try this Fall?

For more information regarding studies, contact Curtis Thomas at


If you’re a college student, we invite you to join us for College Life! We are a community of passionate young adults that are focused on growing together in Christ. Each week we meet together in Home Groups, and on the first Tuesday of each month all groups will gather at the Lubbock Campus for worship at 7 p.m. For more info, contact Tyler Dunn at 806.457.7478 or