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Welcome to Hillside Groups at the Dalhart Campus! As our church grows larger, the best way to be a part of a biblical community that’s personal and effective is through GROUPS.

We invite you to join a GROUP at the Dalhart Campus. Whether it meets as a Study Group during the week, casually in someone’s home, or in a circle with others seeking help in recovery, a GROUP is the best way to experience personal spiritual growth and feel connected to other people.

Each Hillside campus has a unique approach to GROUPS. To find out more about joining a GROUP, .

Please give us some info about you, and we'll do our best to help get you connected to a group!

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Dalhart Groups

Where two or more people gather together, you can find biblical community. Sometimes we connect with people because of similar affinities, such as age, stage of life, gender, or shared interests.

For questions about Groups at the Dalhart Campus, contact us 806.249.1417.


HillsideWomen exists to join HCC’s mission to love God as we lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that when women connect more deeply with God, they live more confidently within their families and communities. We’re devoted to loving and supporting each other, studying together, and experiencing real friendship as women. Whatever age or background, we welcome you to join other HillsideWomen as we walk together through life!

For questions about HillsideWomen, contact us at 806.249.1417.


We offer different studies and groups to help men connect with God and affirm Hillside’s mission to love God as we lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

For questions about Men’s Groups, contact Robert Ledbetter at 806.249.1417 or robert.ledbetter@hillsidewired.com.


Hillside desires to strengthen biblical community and provide growth and fellowship for anyone attending. For more information about joining a Bible Study, contact us at 806.249.1417.