PGIMG_worship_studentsBeing devoted to something or someone isn’t that hard to understand. We offer many people and things our time, money, and attention because they are important to us. We make a decision to be committed to them. Worship is the way Christ followers express our love, gratitude, and respect for God.

PGIMG_worship_lubbockWorship may take place alone or by joining with others in groups that are large or small. At Hillside we follow the biblical principle to meet together to praise God as a community and encourage each other in our journey with Christ. Times of worship can include music, reading the Bible, singing, praying, silence, and giving an offering. Worship isn’t really about music, but music is a powerful vehicle for expressing worship among many ways.

PGIMG_west_kidsWorshipWe have worship venues for pre-school, elementary, middle school,  high school, and adults of all ages. We are one church, in multiple locations, all worshipping the same Lord Jesus Christ.

PGIMG_westWorship2It’s tempting to give our devotion to things of this world. But as Christ followers, we worship God because Christ said, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only’” (Luke 4:8). Christ calls us to worship God and praise Him in spirit and in truth. We invite you to explore all our worship environments and find one where you can connect and participate.

Weekend Worship

When you attend a Hillside Worship Weekend, our greatest hope is that you participate in worshipping God through the many forms of expression He has prescribed to us in scripture. Our services are intended to be thoughtful, expressive, sincere, and contemplative about our relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us at any of our campus locations to worship together. For service times, click here.

Worship Technology

Did you know that you don’t have to sing or play an instrument to play in important part in worship at Hillside? Every time we have a worship service on the weekends or during the week, there are many people behind the scenes helping to make the experience meaningful. Our Worship Technology team is full of people with the gift of capturing video, leading the congregation with lyrics, presenting scripture on screens, calling cues for lights, or mixing sound. This team faithfully leads in Hillside’s Worship using their unique talents for God’s glory.

Serve In Worship

If you’d like to volunteer to serve in Worship, please click the corresponding button below.