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The Bible

The Guinness book of world records lists The Bible as the best-selling book in all of history.

More than A Tale of Two Cities.

More than Don Quixote.

Yes. Even more than Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings.

The Bible has been read more times throughout history than any classic piece of literature…and for good reason.

No other book communicates with such powerful insight concerning our lives, our purpose, and our future. No other book is the Word of God. It’s relevant to today. It’s dynamic. It is holy. It is full of wisdom and intended to be utilized.

But many people today have valid questions about the Bible. What exactly is it? Can it be trusted? What things should I even learn from the Bible? How do you even start studying the Bible?

Maybe you have questions about the Bible. Or maybe your friends have asked questions that you’re not sure how to answer. Bring your questions and for five weeks we will investigate The Bible: Understanding the Best-selling Book of All-time. Join us!

January 28/29
What Is The Bible?

February 4/5
Can I Trust The Bible?

February 11/12
Four Things You Must Know About The Bible

February 18/19
How Should I Read And Study The Bible?

February 25/26
What Does The Bible Say About Me And My Purpose?