At Hillside, our vision is to partner with parents to help their kids grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to equip parents with the tools they need to encourage and challenge their kids throughout the week. Each week, we provide materials intended to provide a way to help you engage in your child’s spiritual walk with Christ. We hope you will utilize these great tools at home with your family!


Amarillo North Grand Campus:

Jackie Maldonado – Hillside Kids Coordinator  |  jackie.maldonado@hillsidewired.com


Amarillo Northwest Campus:

Matt Johnson – Hillside Kids/Students Director  |  matt.johnson@hillsidewired.com

Sandie King – Nursery Coordinator  |  sandie.king@hillsidewired.com


Amarillo South Campus:

Terri Bunyard – Hillside Kids Assistant  | terri.bunyard@hillsidewired.com

Jessica Grider – Hillside Kids Director  | jessica.grider@hillsidewired.com


Amarillo West Campus:

Marie Burchfield – Nursery Director  |  marie.burchfield@hillsidewired.com

Shawn Freeby – Elementary Large Group Pastor  |  shawn.freeby@hillsidewired.com

Abigail Hoover – Preschool Associate  |  abigail.hoover@hillsidewired.com

Shea McWhorter – Preschool Small Groups Associate  |  shea.mcwhorter@hillsidewired.com

Kimberly Parnell – Hillside Kids Director & Kids Team Leader  |  kimberly.parnell@hillsidewired.com


Canyon Campus:

Aimee Christner – Elementary Coordinator  |  aimee.christner@hillsidewired.com

Jessie Pope – Preschool Coordinator  |  jessie.pope@hillsidewired.com


Clovis Campus:

Jacob McKnight – Kids Pastor  |  jacob.mcknight@hillsidewired.com

Cindy Tuttle – Nursery/Preschool Assistant  |  cindy.tuttle@hillsidewired.com


Dalhart Campus:

Yolanda Drew – Hillside Kids Coordinator  |  yolanda.drew@hillsidewired.com


Lubbock Campus:

Amber Friar – Hillside Kids Director  |  amber.friar@hillsidewired.com

Geoff Lynn – Students Pastor / Hillside Students and Kids Team Leader  |  geoff.lynn@hillsidewired.com


Below are two forms for special events that we may need from your student. If we send a request for a form, we will include this link for your convenience.