Gifts of Stock – A gift of stock can be one of the easiest ways to give. Gifts of appreciated stock are particularly wise from a tax perspective, since there are no capital gains paid, and the donor receives a tax deduction of the full face amount. For example, if you bought stock for $1,000 and now it is worth $5,000, you receive a tax deduction for the entire $5,000 without having a $4,000 capital gain. We can work directly with your broker or financial planner, and the process is very simple. In order for you to be receipted properly, please notify David Park what type of stock you are gifting and the number of shares.

Insurance & Retirement Proceeds – Hillside can be named as the beneficiary of insurance policies or retirement plans.

Memorial or Honorarium Gifts – If you would like to give a gift in memory of or in honor of someone, please provide the following information:
Your name and address as the one giving the gift, the name of the recipient of the honorarium or memorial gift, and the name and address of the person or family to receive the notification of the honorarium or memorial gift.
A card will be sent to the person or family designated to notify them of the gift. You will receive a receipt acknowledging your generous gift.

Matching Gifts – Matching Gifts is a creative way to have your gift matched by your employer, doubling the impact of your giving. Many companies make this available to their employees as a way to recognize the generosity of their staff. Since each company has its own process for matching gifts, we encourage you to contact your employer directly to see how to take advantage of this service. In most cases it is as simple as sending the matching gift form to the Stewardship Pastor so that we can verify that we have received your gift.

Gifts in Kind – The church has received numerous creative gifts such as surplus items, sale of grains, houses, land, apartments, vehicles, etc. Due to the nature of these gifts, they will only be accepted with approval of the Operations Director.

Remembering the Church in Your Will – Remembering the Church in your will is a convenient way to leave a lasting legacy. After you have provided for your loved ones, you can set aside a percentage of your estate to be given to Hillside. This can be done at the time you have your will made, or it can be added by a codicil (amendment to your existing will).