Changed Lives

It’s always important to “keep the main thing the main thing.” That’s why we focus on how God is changing lives at Hillside. Core values, mission statements, special events, buildings, budgets, and attendance are valuable, but if lives aren’t being changed for God’s glory…then what’s the point?

Calling something a Changed Life Story first implies a NEED for change in someone’s life. God never left us here in our state of sin, depravity, loneliness, sickness, or pain without a way of escape or comfort. He left His Spirit to lead us, His Word to teach us, and His Body (the Church) to encourage us.

Here you can find stories of people who have come to know Christ as their Savior, had a great moment of spiritual growth, experienced a healed marriage, found biblical community, experienced recovery from addiction, or any number of scenarios that show how God’s Holy Spirit is touching and changing lives in profound and permanent ways. We hope you will be blessed by reading or watching these stories and be inspired to take the next step with God and allow Him to change your own life.


Jordan Smith’s adolescence was impacted by a very negative experience with church. Bearing the scar of rejection, she walked away from church and her relationship with God. Jordan began seeking joy and approval in partying and friendships, but a deep void in her life remained even past her college days.

One night, while waiting tables in Amarillo, she met a couple who told her about Hillside. Having not attended church in years, Jordan had no desire to step foot in any church. But God called her through the doors of Hillside’s Amarillo West Campus the following weekend because of the couple’s sincere and simple invitation. When you watch this story unfold to the very last scene, you will see how God has renewed her life and changed her forever.

Tom Parr loves the Lord with a very unselfish heart. He has served as an elder, builds things behind the scenes, counsels people who have been trapped in various addictions, and supports hurting people through difficult times. Tom’s main focus in life is trying to love and serve people the way Christ loves and serves him. It wasn’t always this way, though.

Christ gave Tom a special invitation that He also extends to you. We hope you are blessed hearing Tom’s story in his own words.

There are people everywhere that feel trapped by loneliness or the false belief that they are the only ones facing certain life struggles.

At Hillside, we believe that when life is shared and struggles are encountered together, another door is opened for God to transform our hearts and lives.

Here’s just one example of God changing people’s lives through Groups. You’ll meet four couples, from our Amarillo South Campus, who went from not knowing each other to doing life together as friends. Take a look at the many ways God has transformed their lives.

Share Your Story

We hope you’ll feel free to share your own Changed Life Story with us. A Changed Life Story doesn’t have to be traumatic in nature to be powerful. The most powerful part of a Changed Life Story is the glory God receives when we trust Him. If you believe your story can encourage or inspire someone, please submit it using the button below.

Submission doesn’t guarantee your story will be printed on the Changed Life Story page.